About Us

Adventure Park Academy was established in 2007, and is privately located inside Adventure Park USA. We offer separate classrooms for each age group. Upstairs we offer preschool for ages two and three year old’s, along with our updated huge school age room for children ages 5-13 years old. Downstairs we offer a pre-kindergarten for ages four and five year old’s. The learning programs offered are based on the Houghton Mifflin curriculum, which is an approved program by Maryland State Department of Education. The Academy is not your typical childcare program. We are unique in that we not only provide a structured learning program for our preschool and pre-k children but also includes all the fun of amusement park attractions and arcade games that Adventure Park USA has to offer.

Nature Based Learning

Our childcare center and Adventure Park USA are located on over 17 acres of land. We believe that outdoor learning and outdoor play is just as important to child development as the curriculum. Whenever possible we are outdoors for lessons and play!

More Than Just a Childcare Center

We are located at Adventure Park USA–Maryland’s Largest Family Entertainment Center! We offer preschool, summer camp, and a before and after school program, unlike any other child care center in the area! There’s no better place than Adventure Park USA to get your children motivated to learn. For more information please contact our center, at 301-865-6800 ext. 107 or email director@adventureparkacademy.com. To make enrollment easy we have provided all the documents you will need to sign your child up today. It’s simple, just print out all the documents, complete each one, and bring them with you when you come to visit.

Safety & Security

 Adventure Park USA Childcare puts into practice daily a wide range of safety procedures. 

  • The Academy classrooms, the park, and outside areas are all equipped with security cameras.

  • The Preschool and Pre-K classroom are located behind a secure door which requires a pass code in order to gain access.

  • Parents are required to sign children in and out daily. They will also notify director and or teachers if there is a change in their child’s drop off or pick schedule.

  • All unknown guests to the Academy are required to show photo ID when picking up any child. The guest must be listed on child’s emergency card in order for any Academy child to be released.

  • Fire drills are done on a monthly basis and disaster drills are done on a bi-monthly basis

  • The Academy provides two snacks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Parents are required to provide lunch each day. We do not have any food restrictions at this time.

  • The playground is located away from the main activity of the park. It is enclosed by a 6 ft. privacy fence. Children do have access to concrete area for tricycle riding among various other activities.

  • All discipline is based on a positive redirection approach. Our goal is to teach children the desired behaviors we want from them.