Family Focused Childcare

2’s & 3’s

2’s Program - Our 2’s program we will help the children learn their social and emotional skills!

3’s Program - The 3’s program we will help them learn daily routines, consistency and being a good friend.


Our pre-k program will set your child up for success and get them school ready. They will learn routines, 2-3 step guided directions and self care for success.

School Age Care

Kindergarten - 5th Grade
We take pride in our school age program to give them different choices to express themselves.  We give them choices in the activities and games that they enjoy! 

Summer Camp

CAMP WILL RUN FROM JUNE 10TH - AUGUST 16TH, 2024 All campers will get the opportunity to visit the many attractions the park has to offer each day. Take a look at our weekly themes and specialized activities being offered each week. We hope to see everyone at Camp Adventure!

Our Facility

Nature Based Learning

Outdoor learning spaces encourage exploration, observation, and independence. Children enrolled in our program, spend time outside exploring the world firsthand and getting a closer look at the natural world. We incorporate nature lessons in all of our classrooms daily.

Maryland Approved Curriculum

Developmentally and age appropriate and curriculums used in our programs 

Flexible Schedules

We remain committed to doing everything possible to support our community. This includes flexible scheduling options for our families who routines have recently changed. Our team is here to work with you to create a custom solution for your childcare needs. We also offer part time care options.

Adventure Park USA Childcare Bus

Transportation to and From Local Schools

Adventure Park USA childcare provides safe transportation to and from certain local schools free of charge. Our buses provide air conditioning, heat, and seat belts for every child. We go to most schools in the morning and pick up children from school in the afternoon to return to our center.

Our Promise

  • Create and maintain a safe, caring classroom environment for all children and parents

  • Arrange and manage classroom learning environments to support all students’ active learning- learning by doing

  • To respect your role as a parent and work collaboratively with you in the care and development of your child.

  • Cultivate positive relationships with each child and parent in addition to nurturing the need for children to develop strong bonds with other children.

  • To provide dedicated, passionate and skilled educators in each classroom

  • Promote positive communication through listening attentively to any questions or concerns and responding in a timely manner.

  • For you to feel completely comfortable and reassured when you leave your child in our care.

  • For your child to develop a love of learning and a vivid imagination.